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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Board#9 30/01/2019

Another Angle on Pre-empts

Most new players will have learnt the basics about three level preempts: seven card suits and 6 to 10 points. But what then? Here is a typical preempt of 3C that did not lead to the best final outcome for most NS pairs. Board 9

Board#11 24/01/2019

Virtue being its own Reward

They say virtue has its own rewards. So does good bidding. Here is a prime example of that. There is a very good reason why the better bidders try and find a 4-4 or 5-3 fit when appropriate. Take a look: Board 11 from Thursday

Board#11 23/02/2019

Simple 4th Suit Forcing

Simple bidding can become not quite so simple in some situations, which is why you need to have a way to keep bidding open by using the “fourth suit forcing” principle. “Fourth suit forcing” can be just that: if you bid the fourth suit after

Board#8 17/01/2019

Trust Truscott

“Truscott” is a very useful convention, whichever way you play it. When East opens 1H and South doubles, West bids THREE hearts instead of just 2H. That is how the original version of Truscott worked: when you have a fit for partner and an opponent

Plan Ahead

It is apparent that many of our Wednesday players are still not completely au fait with the weak 1NT opening or how to proceed when they are the partner of the 1NT opener. Board 11 from Wednesday 16/01/2019 Dealer S Nil Vul If you play

Board#18 10/01/2019

“First” Slam with Polish Club

MrQ: This hand was played against us by NS in 3NT after my partner opened 2S and North bid 3NT. We have been investigating Polish Club bidding system recently and this one beautifully bids to 6H – if West doesn’t open, North opens 1C (in

Board#18 09/01/2019

Fortune Favours The Bold

I just had to discuss this hand because a number of our junior players from Wednesday have been asking, and it is important that they understand the points system of evaluating the potential of any hand you hold, and why getting what I call ‘point

Board#14 09/01/2019

Avarice Preceedeth The Fall

How many of our beginners, I wonder, play weak twos in the majors, and how many of them play 2D also as a weak two. That is the norm according to the NZ Bridge lessons, is it not? But it’s not enough to have learnt