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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Board#13 14/02/2019

Uneasy Lies The Head …

When partner opens 1NT and you have 11 HCP, you would normally invite game. When I held the South hand and partner opened 1NT, I really did not know what to do. After a lot of uneasy consideration, I passed! Board 13 from Thursday 14/1/19

Board#17 13/02/2019

A Game Force on 4 Points

I don’t expect that there would be any bidding on this hand until it comes round to West, but that is not a given, especially if you’re playing in a more adventurous session. Board 17 from Wednesday 13/02/2019 Dealer N Nil Vul North should certainly

Board#16 11/01/2018

Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back

I am reviewing a deal from last Monday at XClubs. This will also be featured in “Evil at the Bridge Table” and is important enough in the scheme of things to warrant a special article. It relates to the ‘losing trick count’ which I admit

Board#4 07/02/2019

Are YOU a Caveman?

At the risk of being called a bore and being obsessed with slams, let me once more state that bidding slams should be EASIER than games or part scores because there is less complexity in most slams. Making slams is also often easier because you

Board#5 06/02/2019

A McKains Deal (only 1 in 6 is good enough)

This seemingly easy bidding problem seems to have been not so easy for five out of every six NS pairs in the field of 192. Board 5 from Wednesday 6/02/2019. Dealer N NS Vul After two passes, South would open 1C and West overcall 1S.

Board#23 31/01/2019

The Sniff of a Slam

The moment South opens the bidding with 1C, North should be thinking slam in clubs, surely? And if not slam, then game. But when North starts slowly by bidding 1D, East has the chance of coming in with a spade bid, which could be, and