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2NT with 10 Points?

Board#2 04/04/2018

Board#2 04/04/2018

Bidding: West opens 1♠ – 2NT – 3♠ – all pass

MrQ: We ended up in a good contract but shouldn’t East bid 2♣ rather than 2NT (with only 10 points)? I would rebid diamonds and most likely that’s where we would end up. Makeable 4 spades and 5 diamonds – same points.

Guru: Yes, East should bid 2♣, then 2♦ West and 3♦ East. West’s singleton heart now looks to be pulling its weight so 3♠ from West (should have six of them for the bid) and 4♠ from East, great hand especially if you’re playing teams.

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