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A Special Poser for Christmas – Prize Included

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Bridge Year to all readers.

Here is a real life poser, one that occurred at all fifteen clubs taking part in the X-Clubs simultaneous deal. I have set it as a ‘double dummy’ problem.

Board 2 from Friday 23 November
Board#2 23/11/2018

The problem: West leads the four of spades. How does South make THIRTEEN tricks in hearts given perfect defence?

The best solution will be rewarded with a copy of my new book, “Thirteen Tricks and Evil Acol”. This book may be a bit ‘left field’ but there is much in it that will help you improve and achieve better results in time to come. Especially good for partnerships who want to work on their bridge together so choose a prospective partner and give them a Christmas present.

And, as always, I am happy to help, just email me at or fill in this form.

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