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My name is Maciej Szczęsny and I started my bridge adventure in March 2017 when I signed up for bridge lessons at Hutt Bridge Club (during which I have also acquired MrQ nickname due to my many questions I asked the teacher, and also because he couldn’t pronounce my name ;-). After the lessons I was buddied up with a senior member of the club – Phil Revell who later introduced me to Grand Master Vil Gravis. Starting 2018 Vil agreed to mentor me in order to take my bridge to the next level.

Since my bridge journey began I have had many successes – not only in club sessions but also tournaments. I won several Junior and Intermediate competitions and came second in Open and Mulitgrade tournaments. I won the Wellington Region Interclub competition with the Junior Hutt Club team and individually the Wellington Region Junior League – both in 2018.

You can find all the ranking points I have earned so far on my NZBridge profile.

Professionally I am an IT “Problem Solver” – you can find more about me on my LinkedIn profile:


The idea for this website was born out of the need to maintain all the feedback from my mentor in easy and accessible manner (we usually exchange emails). At first I thought about private/closed repository just for myself but quickly realised that this actually can be very helpful for other bridge players – blog seemed to be the most obvious choice. In addition to my bridge notes (which, I hope, will get more and more advanced in time), you will be also able to learn about Vil’s books and series as well as read posts from Vil’s blog which will be re-posted here. I hope you will enjoy all of it! Any feedback is more than welcome.