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Bashing to Slam

Board#28 01/03/2018

Board#28 01/03/2018 (source:

Bidding: N opened 1♥ – 2♦ – 2♠ – 3♦ – 4NT – 5♣ – 5♦ – all pass

MrQ: I presume there are ways to show void in clubs and singleton in spades? You were in 6♦.

Guru: Yes, we were in 6♦ but if West refuses to open a weak 2♠ it is more difficult. However when North opens 1♥ and South responds 2♦ and then North bids 2♠ and South bids diamonds again, I think North should just bash away to 6♦. North knows about the club void, South doesn’t, and South’s bidding sounds a bit odd. Therefore bid 6♦ and take the chance on a spade lead through the king. No, there is no way to show singleton spade but the void in clubs is easy: when South responds 2♦, North bids 4♣ which, being an unusual jump shows first round club control and diamond agreement but South is never going to bid slam having bid 2♦ with a six count in the first place. Personally, if I was North, I would first reverse and when diamonds are rebid, just bid 6♦. Tempting to bid 6♦ the moment South bids 2♦. Difficult for you but at our table West opened a weak 2♠, North doubled, I bid 4♦ and he bid 6♦. Even for my partner, who has a phobia about bidding slams, it was easy. So much for weak twos.

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