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Bidding Went Wrong on the 2nd Bid

Board#18 04/05/2018

Board#18 04/05/2018

Bidding#18 04/05/2018

MrQ: Simple question: how to bid to 7♠? After 6♥ from East, I know that we have all the aces and all the kings but I am thinking that we only have 8-card fit in spades because my partner supported my spades to 4♠ only when I showed 6 of them by bidding 3♠ (I can see why she bid hearts first and we were in game force situation anyway after 2♣ opening) and I don’t know who has Queen of spades – can’t go for the drop with only 8-card fit as finesse gives better chances of success but I also don’t like making or not making of 7♠ to be reliant on finesse. Could East just bid 7♠ after my 5NT? She knows at that point that we have all the key cards, we don’t have diamond losers, we don’t have heart losers (I would have supported her hearts if I had 3 of them) with potential to develop additional heart winners, we have 9-card spade fit with AKQ, she doesn’t know where the king of clubs is but we should be able to “compensate” clubs with other winners … what do you think?

Guru: Yes, East should bid 7♠ after your 5NT. But the bidding went wrong on the second bid: 2♣ and West responds 2♠, which shows a positive response and 5+ spades. Why not now raise spade? You have found your suit to play in and West has such a huge hand and now bids 4NT (RKC) with East responding whatever and West then goes 5NT and East has what is required to bid 7♠, the QUEEN of spades which West doesn’t know about, etc …