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Boils Down to Hand Evaluation

Bidding#18 13/09/2018

Bidding#18 13/09/2018

Board#18 13/09/2018

MrQ: I don’t think 2NT rebid from East was good. With this kind of bidding from opposition (who showed something like 18+ points – although you never know as you can see) I expected East to have pretty strong hand (17 or good 16) and covers in all suits (or at least in spades and clubs when I showed hearts by doubling). I bid 3NT assuming that someone (i.e. one of the opponents) is lying about their points. Shouldn’t East double instead of rebidding 2NT? She knows I won’t bid any of the majors, if I bid clubs then worst case scenario 4-3 fit in clubs, if I support diamonds then fine, if I leave 2HX then fine as well (I have already showed 4 of them and some points by doubling). After 2HX South would most likely bid 3C, and I would bid 3D.

Guru: East’s 2NT bid is terrible, no spade stop and only 15 points. 2NT should be good enough for West to bid 3NT with that hand. It boils down to hand evaluation.

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