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Checkback to the Rescue

Board#24 06/02/2018

Board#24 06/02/2018 (source:

Bidding#24 06/02/2018

MrQ: This time the bidding went without interference from opponents. After W opened 1♥ and rebid 1NT, my thinking was: she shows me 15-17 HCP, she has at most 3 clubs and at most 3 diamonds, 4 hearts, so at least 3 spades if not 4 of them. As you can see my partner rebid NT holding 5-card major and I was pretty lucky because I could have ended up with only 2 spades in the dummy. How do you feel about rebidding NT holding 5-card major (especially such a nice one)? How this should have been bid?

Guru: I like the fact that you are playing a 1NT rebid with 15-17 not 15-16. Nothing wrong with that rebid with five heart after 1♥-1♠. Do you play “checkback” after the 1NT rebid, if not you should. There are no doubt different versions of it so look it up on Google or follow this: 2C is “checkback”, rebid of suit shows five and minimum, jump rebid shows five and maximum, 2NT shows four and maximum, 2D shows four and minimum. Hope that helps.

Yes, exactly Checkback Stayman! We haven’t discussed it with my partner but I was previously taught a bit different version:

  • 1♥ – 1♠ – 1NT – 2♣ asking:
    do you have 3 spades (my originally bid major) OR 5 hearts (your originally bid major)?
  • 1♣/♦ – 1♥ – 1NT – 2♣ asking:
    do you have 3 hearts (my originally bid major) OR 4 spades (the other major)?
  • 1♣/♦ – 1♠ – 1NT – 2♣ asking:
    do you have 3 spades (my originally bid major) OR 4 hearts (the other major)?
  • 1♣ – 1♦ – 1NT – 2♣ asking:
    do you have 4 hearts OR 4 spades?

Responses are:

  • 2♦ = none is true
  • 2♥ = question about hearts is true
  • 2♠ = question about spades is true
  • 2NT = both are true

What do you think?

Guru: Keep the checkback as simple as possible is all I can suggest. Keeping it simple is also logical, the only problem with checkback is that if opener opens 1♣ and rebids 1NT, you can no longer play in 2♣. But that’s no big deal. Use your version and make sure you both do it the same way.

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