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Custard pie, anyone?

Bridge isn’t just about getting the bidding right, though it does help. I find that defence is often pretty well non existent, and declarer play leaves much to be desired. Often, when a declarer gets a bad contract to play or finds bad breaks, panic sets in and a contract that can still be made turns to custard. Here is one that our friend “Deep Finesse” tells us can make 3S yet most of the declarers in 2S were down two. I will set this as a problem for the reader and later offer a simple solution. But first, let’s look at the full deal:
Board 6 from Thursday 14/06/2018
Dealer E EW Vul

Board#6 14/06/2018

I won’t go into the merits or otherwise of the bidding of the Easts who bid to 2S after opening 1S. North probably came in with 2H when West responded 1NT and East then bid 2S. Let’s say that was the case. South leads the queen of hearts and continues with a second to North’s jack. North then continues with the heart king. If you were East, how would you proceed?

My new series, entitled “Evil Acol” and subtitled “A better way to play Acol” is now available by subscription. Send me an email for more information, to or click here.

The “Thirteen Tricks” series has proved to be popular with a number of readers who have wanted something more esoteric, “Evil Acol” will be geared much more to the improving player and will include basic Acol as well as my version with “Evil Twos” and the “Super Club”, as well as help with declarer play and defence for partnerships.

I recently received an email from a subscriber to “Thirteen tricks”, one which I will share with you.

“Thank you Vil. Since I first signed up for 13 Tricks, I have been diagnosed with cancer with weeks to live. A real life changing experience. I will be pleased to read your “Tricks” although I am not playing. Bridge had given me so much joy during my retirement, Good on you promoting it so well to others who hopefully will get as much pleasure in their lives. Very best wishes”

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