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Disliking Hamilton

Board#24 22/03/2018

Board#24 22/03/2018

Bidding: East opens 1NT – (2D*) – all pass (*Hamilton showing 4+/4+ in majors)

Guru: I have noted Board#24 where you might have done better in the bidding, do you have any ideas yourself about what went wrong and what should have happened?

MrQ: I am starting to really dislike Hamilton. I play it with a few of my partners and with each of them it brought more troubles than benefits. If we didn’t play Hamilton here, spade overcall would be quite obvious.

Guru: I absolutely detest Hamilton so I’m pleased about you also not liking it. But, with a 16 count and an obvious spade lead, you should DOUBLE first. Don’t know what would have happened then but finding the 4♠ game is not easy.

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