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Double Should Occur in Any System

Board#9 04/05/2018

Board#9 04/05/2018

Bidding#9 04/05/2018

MrQ: Is there a way to bid this to 4♠ not opening 5-card spade? At the other table opposition bid 4♠ – they were playing Standard American so was easier for them as 1♠ showed 5 of them straight away.

Guru: Shouldn’t be a problem. Double after 2♦ is obvious, but East should revalue their hand and bid THREE spades, then 4♠ by West. Nothing to do with Standard American or 5-card spade openings, West’s double of 2♦ should occur in any system, East should then bid 3♠ inviting game and West raise to 4♠.