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Evil Acol: A Better Way to Play Acol

The series has already ended but is available for purchase as THIRTEEN TRICKS and EVIL ACOL book.

From Vil Gravis:

I would like to tell you about a new series that I am about to write: Evil Acol, a better way to play Acol. That series will introduce a number of new ideas for getting better results from the basic Acol that you may be playing at the moment. Each of the suggestions will show the reader how bidding and play could go with the basic Acol and also how it would go with “Evil Acol” which I believe is not too difficult to work with and would give you as a partnership, a considerable edge over your opposition. If you can encourage a regular partner to make use of the ideas, which will be suggested in this coming series of “Evil Acol”, I am sure your partnership will thrive. There is good reason why I myself, with my respective partners, use these methods.

Here is a brief outline of what will be covered:

  • The Acol 1NT Opening and follow up bidding, including transfers, range finder and the “Evil 2NT” response
  • Competing against opponents’ opening bids: 1NT, Weak Twos, Big Club, etc.
  • The “Evil Twos”: a better way of bidding weak hands
  • The “Evil Super Club”: a two-way 1C opening which allows you to bid very big hands and leave all two level bids for the “Evil Twos” or anything else you like
  • The “Evil 2NT”: 2NT is often a seldom used bid, which can be far better utilised in many situations (“Evil 2NT” opening for very big hands, “Evil 2NT” jump response to one level openers)
  • The “Evil Doubles”: I will show you a more useful way to make takeout doubles and the use of “TNT” in competitive situations, as well as the use of cue bids
  • “Evil Defence”: better system of opening leads and signals, from the opening lead onwards

All the above, and more, will be covered in the “Evil Acol” series. It will be very much aimed at partnerships, but I am sure that even the individual reader will gain a lot from following it on their own.