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Evil at the Bridge Table

From Vil Gravis:

The Evil at the Bridge Table series is aimed at the readers who want to go that step further in their bridge. Those readers who have already read the book will have been able to introduce some, or all, of the additions to normal Acol that I have recommended. They are not difficult to implement and remember, and will definitely give you an edge, as some of the readers have already found. Please check out the PDF sample of one of the chapters.

If you have a copy of Thirteen Tricks and Evil Acol book, there will be NO CHARGE for this series. If you do not have the book, there will be a charge of $15. Most of the commentary will cover Acol bidding as well, so even those who want to stick to the basic Acol will be able to learn from it. But because much of it will refer to contents of the book, I would seriously recommend that you purchase a copy here.

If you want to proceed with purchasing only the Evil at the Bridge Table series, please fill in the form:

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