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Evil Bidding is Awesome

Board#14 11/11/2018

Bidding#14 11/11/2018

Bidding#14 11/11/2018

MrQ: Which slam and how to bid it here? I bid 4C (4th suit) hoping that East will go back to spades so that I can key card ask for king of spades but it didn’t happen. I had to choose between 6D, 6S and 6NT and went for 6NT playing pairs. (By the way, we play 4-card spade opening.)

Guru: This one is easy. When you bid 2H, 3D from East is a REVERSE (or should be treated as such) and hence shows at least five spades. 3S from West is now ‘slow arrival’ as you are in a game forcing situation. East will be a bit ashamed of his ‘reverse’ and bid 4S and now 4NT will get a response of two key cards and, unless you want to commit suicide you will settle for 6S. 6NT is GROSS and 7S is better, at least you won’t go as many down if you lose a diamond. Another good one for the evil treatment!

MrQ: Of course we were in a game forcing situation after 3D rebid from Opener and 3S would have been slow arrival. I guess I got too excited after my partner opened and I was sitting there with 20 points. Anyway, with Evil bidding, would East open 4S (6 spades and 5-6 of a minor, 4 to 6 losers)? What should West bid then? 6S straight away having 5ish losers covered? Or invite to grand slam by bidding 5S? Or bid 4NT to see if KD is worth anything?

Guru: Yes, it is perfect for an Evil 4S opening bid. Then partner bids 4NT (asking which minor) followed by 5S (must be looking for grand slam in spades, not sign off) but East may not know what West is looking for, or West could bid 5NT (better) also looking for the grand and East would then sign off in 6D because of too many losers and West then bids 6S. I don’t think in any system  6NT should be considered as an option, but with Evil Fours it is a no brainer: 6S or 7S! Good huh?

MrQ: Evil bidding is awesome!