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“First” Slam with Polish Club

Board#18 10/01/2019

Board#18 10/01/2019 Wellington Club

MrQ: This hand was played against us by NS in 3NT after my partner opened 2S and North bid 3NT. We have been investigating Polish Club bidding system recently and this one beautifully bids to 6H – if West doesn’t open, North opens 1C (in basic/mini version of Polish Club 1C may mean 18-22 HCP), South bids 1H (4+ hearts, 7+ HCP, 1RF), North goes 2D (so called “odwrotka” = reverse support, confirms 18-22HCP, shows 3-card support in hearts and asks South to clarify hearts length and hand strength), South responds 2NT (7-9 HCP and 5 hearts), North bids 3H (stronger in GF situation), South cuebids 4D (shows 1st and/or 2nd round controls in diamonds, so KD; denies in spades and clubs), North asks for keycards 4NT, obviously 4C from South (0 key cards), North asks for Queen of trumps 4D, South confirms that he has it by bidding 4S and this is enough for North to bid 6H.

Guru, how would the bidding go with 2S preempt from West?

Guru: If West opens 2S, it is even easier – North doubles, South should jump to 4H and North then bids 6H.