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Board#24 06/04/2018

Board#24 06/04/2018

Bidding#24 06042018

MrQ: 3♣ was actually Checkback Stayman and West should have responded 3♠ to show 5 spades (and lack of 4 hearts – as we play it) but East thought 3♣ is natural. Anyway Checkback Stayman would work here. But if we didn’t play Checkback Stayman how do we end up in spades? 3♦ rebid?

Guru: Exactly, because 2♣ is 10+  and 2NT should be 15-17 therefore you are in game force and 3♦ from West is a new suit so looking for five card spades. When you start playing five card spade openings it will be a bit easier.

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