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This week I want to tell you about my new book. Today’s chosen deal is significant because it features one of the newer topics from the book, the “Superclub”.

Board 9 from Thursday 20th Nov
Dealer N EW Vul

Board#9 22/11/2018

Playing basic Acol, North will open 1C and after that there are a number of possibilities. Too many to discuss in one page. My new version of Acol incorporates the “Superclub” where a 1C opening is forcing and could be a 20+ hand. The North hand isn’t that big: just a normal Acol 1C but South is still forced to bid and will bid 1D as a negative response. West may or may not now bid, and if he doesn’t, or just doubles, North continues with the normal Acol sequence of 1S. South has a good enough hand to raise to 2S, which should buy the contract. EW as it happens have a heart fit and can make nine tricks in hearts.

The “Thirteen Tricks” part of my book also talks about a way to use the law of “Total Tricks”, TNT as I call my simple version. That suggests that EW should be able to make 2H and NS should be able to make 2S in normal circumstances. Competing to what you can make usually scores a lot of match points, Look through the results on X-Clubs for this board and you will see just that.

Now for some words of support for my new book Thirteen Tricks and Evil Acol, from our X-Clubs moderator:

“Vil’s weekly commentaries on the X-Clubs website regularly attract hundreds of reads. He writes authoritative articles on what may have been and offers helpful expert advice on bidding and play. Evil Acol has been under development for years and is now ready for public unveiling. Evil Acol prescribes fundamental changes to the standard version by adding in the possibility of the one-club opening being a strong hand of 20+ points. This aptly named “Super Club” and two level suit openings – Evil Twos – completely revamp the standard structures of Acol and weak twos as we know them. Vil has been quite prolific over the years with much of his work being filed under its own tab on the X-Clubs website. This hard copy version of many of his old and new ideas is a must for anyone wanting to broaden their bridge horizons”. (Mike Neels, X-Clubs)

If you would like a preview with some excerpts from my new book, head to pre-order page.