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How Can You Argue With Success?

Another weak 1NT opening but I wonder how many people know what they could, or should, do. I would think that most Wests opened 1NT and most Norths doubled. Most Easts would then bid 2C which should be a weak takeout and not Stayman. Most people have the simple agreement that after you are doubled in 1NT transfers and Stayman are off. But that is where partnership disagreements occur. I would certainly double with the North hand rather than bid a natural (if your system allows) 2D. With EW vulnerable it is simply too tempting not to double.

Board 16 from Thursday 17/05/2018.
Dealer W EW Vul

Board#16 17/05/2018

But when East removes to 2C, back to North after two passes, North must decide whether to double and hope partner can leave it in and defeat it, or bid 2D. That would appear to be the safest and most sensible option. Three Norths did play in 2D but only one made three, only possible if you are “Deep Finesse” and play carefully. The one to make 3D was lucky when he received the ace of clubs lead but there is another interesting play that North can use, in both a diamond and a No Trump contract.

Diamonds can be finessed only once because there is only one entry to dummy. The normal play is to lead the ten through West, but the successful declarers, one in diamonds and one in No Trumps, both led the SIX from dummy and West did what comes naturally, followed low. When the six held, declarer was able to continue from dummy to pick up the king and jack. West of course should not have been asleep and put one of the honours up in the knowledge that there was no second entry to dummy. Very costly when North was playing in 2NT on a club lead from East. Try 2NT on a spade lead and queen of clubs return!

One WEST played in 1NT doubled. South did have a problem when East passed the double and decided to sit it out and hope for the best, But North led the obvious low diamond and West was able to then take five club tricks and the ace of spades for seven tricks, in fact making another trick ‘in the wash’ for a great score. That is not to say that I would recommend that East leaves the double in, I would always run to 2C. But how can you argue with success?

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