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If Only We Played Evil Twos …

Board#8 15/04/2018

Board#8 15/04/2018 (SW Junior Tournament)

Bidding: West opened 1NT – all pass.

MrQ: Because we play Hamilton we couldn’t do anything here. If we played Evil 2s South could have overcalled 2♦ showing diamonds and hearts. What should North do then? Fix it to 2♥ following the logic: we have at most 7-card fit in diamonds (maybe only 6-card fit) but at least 7-card fit in hearts (but maybe even 8-card fit)?

Guru: Yes, Evil works better, South bids 2♦ and North corrects to 2♥. You will, though, need to practice playing 4-3 fits if you decide to play Evil Acol.

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