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More Trust in Partner

Board#18 11/09/2018

Board#18 11/09/2018

Bidding#18 11/09/2018

MrQ: Maybe I shouldn’t double not being particularly strong but I thought that I am showing diamonds and partial support for hearts and asking West to bid again (any 2-level rebid was cool with me). 3C rebid showed me only 10-11 points with club support so not forcing to anything. What should West bid? Cuebid spades maybe? And then what?

Guru: Your double was terrible. You must learn that if you have opened with rubbish you don’t ask partner to bid again, but by the same token, West’s 3C is just as bad. You should have just raised hearts even with only three, that does not show anything extra. West then bids 3NT, telling you that you can bid 4H or pass if you have raised with only three. Again, the bare spade stopper is enough. But When East supports hearts and has opened clubs, West should seriously think about 6C but I can’t tell you how exactly you could diagnose the singleton spade with East, maybe 3S from West and then 4D from Eats would locate the singleton but all that is far too technical. But anything but 3C though I can understand the reasoning since you have doubled 1S. You have a tendency to bid your hand twice when you should pass and that will come with experience and more trust in partner.