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Board#1 01/03/2018

Board#01 01/03/2018 (source:

Bidding: N opened 1♥ – 2♣ – 3♥ – 3NT – all pass

MrQ: Should North rebid something else instead of 3♥ to show strength and maybe investigate slam (you were in 6NT)? Why did South bid 3NT after 3♥ (showing 6+ hearts) not 4♥?

Guru: I don’t usually prefer NT when we have a fit in a major but this time I did bid 6NT so I could protect my ♠K from a spade lead but of course partner had the Q♠. Our bidding was different as we play Precision but yours shouldn’t be difficult: North jumps to 3♥ which shows a VERY good hand and a VERY good heart suit and South has enough to go asking for key cards. Then South should bid 6NT because of the spade lead going through South’s king and the odds being on to make 12 tricks anyway, in either hearts or NT (I would guarantee six heart tricks when north jumps to 3♥).

Board#14 01/03/2018

Board#14 01/03/2018 (source:

Bidding: S opened 1♣ – 1♥ – 2♣ – 3NT – all pass

MrQ: Should South rebid 3♣ to show 15-17? Should North rebid spades to investigate more? How to reach slam?

Guru: Yes, definitely the rebid of 3♣ is right: 6+ clubs, a very good suit, and 15-17 HCP does that not match the book bid? 6NT from North after maybe asking for aces and kings.

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