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My First Interclub

Board#6 16/03/2018

Board#6 16/03/2018 Interclub

Bidding: S opens 1♥ – 2♣ – 2♥ – 2♠ – 3♥ – 4♥ – all pass

MrQ: 2♠ by North – is it a reverse? North still bids on the same level (2-level) …

Guru: 2♠ by North is a responder’s reverse, enough to reverse as RESPONDER i.e. 10+ points. Any reverse should be forcing to at least 2NT, by opener or responder, just that there is a difference in point count: opener’s reverse should be 17+ and responder’s 10+ (preferably 11+) And yes, it is definitely a reverse, even though responder bids at the same level. But note that e.g. 1♦ – 2♥ response being a jump shift, then 2♠ by opener is NOT a reverse, who needs a reverse opposite a jump shift anyway?

MrQ: Was 3♥ rebid by South ok? My partner says that she should have gone back to my clubs – 3♣ – instead of bidding 3♥ as she thinks this was suggesting 6+ hearts. I am thinking that I should have bid 4♣ instead of 4♥ to tell her how much I dislike hearts and show extra length in clubs.

Guru: There are two options: 3♦ looking for some heart support or NT, or 3♣. Difficult hand but this one you should be in 5♣ playing teams. And yes, you should never raise partner with a singleton unless it is obvious, let partner decide to bid 4♥ if that should be the contract. Her 3♥ bid does not guarantee six of them, by the way.

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