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No Need for 2 Stoppers

Board#17 11/09/2018

Board#17 11/09/2018

Bidding#17 11/09/2018

MrQ: Interesting 3NT bid from South with only 1 spade stopper over 2S weak overcall … anyway the moment West leads 5 of spades NS makes 5NT. Was it the best lead considering that South most likely showed 2 stoppers in spades? I think I would lead a low heart, which would keep the score to +1.

Guru: I would bid 3NT with the South hand every time. Why do you need to guarantee two stoppers every time? Even Kx is OK though West might have AQxxxx and lead to East who leads a spade back, I have seen such hands often enough and it never happens. I would, because of the poor spades, try a heart lead and hope partner continues hearts when they can see that is best.