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Obvious Bid

Board#3 13/09/2018

Board#3 13/09/2018

Bidding: North opens 1H – 1S; 2C – 2D; 2H – all pass

MrQ: Shouldn’t North bid 2S instead of 2H? When South rebids 2D (whether natural or forcing), South pretty much denies 3-card heart support so North knows that there is at most 5-2 fit in hearts and at least 4-3 fit is spades.

Guru: South’s bidding was terrible. I was also South and bid 2S, where it was played. Whether or not 2D is fourth suit forcing (I must say I HATE it as FSF in that sequence) the obvious bid for South is 2S, maybe even with two good spades not three but North’s bidding almost certainly guarantees five spades.