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… or Hoping to Make

Board#18 02/09/2018

Bidding: East opens weak 2H – (2S) – 4H – (PASS); PASS – (4S) – ALL PASS

MrQ: Should South just pass 4H instead of bidding 4S? You never know what 4H raise after 2H is? Could be constructive, could be pre-emptive. My logic was that if it is constructive, 4S might be a good sacrifice (if not doubled – opponents didn’t look like they would double and they didn’t), if it was pre-emptive, 4S might make.

Guru: South should double 4H showing a good hand with points outside hearts and a very good 2S and North would probably pass, whether the 4H is intended as b…sh.t or hoping to make.

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