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Overcall vs Double

Board#09 27/02/2018

Board#09 27/02/2018 (source:

Bidding#09 27022018

MrQ: With my previous teacher I played defence to weak 2 – double with 16+, overcall with 11-15 and 5 card good suit. If I followed this, I would have just overcalled 3♥. I guess I got a bit scared to go to 3 level with just 11 points. I was happy to play any suit my partner bid. How should this have been bid?

Guru: Double is not right with five hearts because partner is unlikely to have four hearts. Why do you need 16 points to double anyway, just have the right shape which this IS NOT. Bid 3♥ which West should raise to four, not 3NT even though 3NT also makes four.

Board#23 13/02/2018

Board#23 13/03/2018

Bidding#13 13/02/2018
MrQ: So in this situation East should bid 2♥ not double, right? Unlikely that West has 4 spades.

Guru: Yes, I have said that often enough – why double unless you have a strong hand and prepared to bid 3♥.

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