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My experience tells me that great defence will always win over good declarer play. But can great defence beat brilliant declarer play? That is the question. I give you this deal because on the surface it looks like great defence can defeat a very good game, yet our clever computer programme “Deep Finesse” tells us that 4H can be made on any defence. I will give you my analysis later, but in the meantime I will show you the full deal and set it as a reader problem.

Thursday 6/09/2018:Board#2 06/09/2018

Here are your questions:
1. What is East’s best opening lead against 4H by North?
2. How should declarer proceed after the opening lead?
3. What is the best defence following the opening lead?
4. How can 4H be made despite the best defence?

Answers to the above questions can be submitted directly to me at The winner’s name and the best answer will be published in my Thursday article in two weeks time, so there will be plenty of time to work on your ‘perfect solution’.

These questions will be answered in my coming series “Evil at the Bridge Table” which will cover Thursday play, featuring all aspects of play, from “Evil Acol” to tips for declarer play and defence. The best answer to the preceding questions will receive a free subscription to this series.

A limited number of my hard copy book “Tips and Quips” is still available for purchase. To order, you can email me or go here.

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