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Rebid 1NT with semi-balanced hand

Board#10 15/02/2018

Board#10 15/02/2018 (source:

Bidding: W opens 1♦ – 1♠ – 1NT – 2♠ – all pass

Guru: When West rebids 1NT, East should pass.

MrQ: Yes, I (East) should have passed 1NT rebid. Shouldn’t W rebid 2♥ – reverse with 17HCP and 4 hearts – instead of 1NT? It wouldn’t be any better in this case but W’s hand was actually semibalanced and I could have had 5 spades and 4 hearts.

Guru: I prefer a 1NT rebid because: you play 15-17 NT rebid so no need to reverse this time; lead coming round to AQ clubs; if partner does have five spades and four hearts, will now bid 2♥, won’t he? Then a raise in hearts would describe West hand perfectly.

MrQ: Yes, that’s absolutely true. Or if I was a bit stronger (8-9HCP+) and with 4 hearts and 5 spades, after 1NT from W I could bid 2♣ (my version of Checkback Stayman) to ask W if he has 3 spades or 4 hearts.

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