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Rigid Guidelines for eVil Twos

Board#6 12/04/2018

Board#6 12/04/2018

Bidding#6 12/04/2018

MrQ: Was it unreasonable to double 4♣? My thinking was: East showed me 9-11 points in diamonds and hearts so at least AQ or even AK in diamonds, even if AQ hoping K is in North’s hand to lead through it. 3 aces = 3 tricks. Either hearts will split 2-2 (if we only have 9) or diamonds will split so that’s 4th trick. My partner had only A of diamonds and both hearts and diamonds split badly – we scored bottom board. Even if not doubled that would be almost bottom board for us looking at other scores.

Guru: 2♦ opening was atrocious at the vulnerability (that is why I have a rigid guideline!) and you should have bid 4♥ if you believed your partner but doubling 4♣ was also reasonable.

MrQ: We played Evil Twos with my partner first time. Hopefully he will now see how important are the point ranges.

Guru: Deviating from guidelines may work with weak twos but with the evil stuff, not a good idea, especially when vulnerable.

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