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Risky Bidding?

Bidding#24 13/09/2018

Bidding#24 13/09/2018

Board#24 13/09/2018

MrQ: Good result but the bidding was a bit awkward and … risky? I didn’t want to just rebid 2D as I felt I need to force my partner to bid again. I was hoping she would rebid spades to show me 5 of them. 2D rebid from my partner did not guarantee 5 spades but I took the risk. How should have this been bid?

Guru: My partner (West) jumped to 3D when South overcalled and I bid NT but double is fine and 4S on the 4-3 is also fine. I think the West’s hand warrants a jump to 3D because of the 3 card spade support and singleton club.