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RKCB Confusion

Board#13 27/02/2018

Board#13 27/02/2018 (source:

Board#13 27/02/2018

MrQ: Shouldn’t West go through RKCB rather than bid 6♠ straight away? 3♥ shows only 15 points after 2♣ from West so we could be theoretically lacking 2 aces. Was 3♥ by East better than 3♠ (to show 6 spades) – with void in diamonds you would rather want to find a trump fit and not end up in NT, right?

Guru: East’s bidding is spot on, must jump to 3♥ to show the great hand opposite a 2 level response, yes, usually 15+. West’s hand is HUGE opposite that bidding and yes, RKCB will tell West that East has two aces and then 5NT would be looking for a grand slam which East should show acceptance for by bidding something that is meaningful, I would bid 7♦ to show the diamond VOID.

MrQ: Now I recall what happened on this board i.e. why West went straight to 6♠ without asking for key cards. We have just started playing RKCB and West did not want to confuse East about which suit is considered as trump suit – theoretically it could have been either spades or hearts. I asked my previous teacher yesterday which suit is considered to be trump when responding to RKCB in this kind of situation. He said the last one that was bid, so hearts in this case. Although I would be responding about hearts (showing 3 key cards – 2 remaining aces and king of hearts), as far as West knew that, she would still be able to choose spades to be trumps (she had king and queen of spades anyway). Does this sound correct?

Guru: Yes, I think if partner has bid spades and then hearts, RKC would be asking in hearts.

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