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Ruminating on Openings

Board 21 from Thursday 8/03/2018
Dealer N NS Vul
Board#21 08/03/2018

  • Would you open the East hand a weak 2♠?
  • Would you open it ONE spade?
  • If East opened 2♠, what would you do as West?

There were a number of different contracts, from 2♠ to 3♣ to 4♥. I guess that the most frequent opening bid would have been 2♠, not a great idea because of the four card heart suit on the side, but no doubt tempting for many. This is where you need an understanding that a bid of 3♣ from West is FORCING, as should any bid be other than a raise in the opened suit. West might be prepared to have a go at 3NT if East bids 3♦ or maybe pass 3♠, so maybe 3C is justified if you don’t play 3♣ ‘to play’ but I have seen a lot of bidding where the partner of the weak two opener wants to, and tries to, run to another suit. You really need to sort that out.

Here, the 3♣ bid works perfectly because East now bids 3♥ and West has enough to give 4♥ a shot. That duly makes.

I would not decry a 1♠ opening, though it is not quite up to the “20” rule for light opening bids. I have said before that I find 19, or even 18, acceptable to open the bidding. For the benefit of the uninitiated, add your point count to the sum of the number of cards in your longest two suits and if it adds to 20 you have a genuine opening bid. The East hand comes to 19, so close enough for me.

After a 1♠ opening the inevitable game in hearts should be reached, so something to be said for light openings. After a weak 2♠, who knows?

What happened on this board in YOUR club?