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Simple Signalling

Board#3 04/04/2018

Board#3 04/04/2018

Contract: 4S by South; West to lead.

MrQ: I led AK of hearts and my partner signalled 76. We play reverse attitude so I was expecting 6 and then 7 to encourage me to lead 3 round of hearts. Explanation from East was that it was a doubleton. Unfortunately, I was not paying attention to what declarer was dropping – most likely it was 34 so I should have figured out that East has no more hearts. But if declarer was smart enough to drop e.g. 38 I wouldn’t know if 76 is a doubleton or top of nothing (with 764 holding). Yes, I know you prefer standard signalling but how should the signalling look like with reverse attitude here?

Guru: Any signalling system should work, no way should any card from declarer fool you. Reverse attitude, play 6 then 7 and standard, play 7 then 6. Declarer can try to false card by following with the 89 but East would have followed differently with 7632.

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