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Sleepless Night

Board#10 27/03/2018

Board#10 27/03/2018

Bidding: S opens 1♥ – 1♠ – 3♥ – 3NT – 4♥ – all pass

MrQ: I have not been sleeping all night because of this board especially because it was our last board of the evening and the result was miserable. I guess both 3NT from North and 4♥ from South were bad bids (4♥ maybe even the worst). Shouldn’t North rebid 3♠ to show 6 of them? My partner (North) was afraid that it can be passed but it can’t be passed as Responder’s rebid at 3 level shows at least 10 points so opposite 3♥ showing at least 15 points it is game force. You ended up in 6♠ so spades was definitely the place to be in. How did you bid to slam?

Guru: Sleepless nights are all right. While we did OK on this board unfortunately a number of others were disasters, mainly declarer play. We got rather lucky because we play strong twos and I decided that despite my crappy heart suit the hand was worth eight playing tricks and it probably was. I opened 2♥, 2♠ from my partner (North) (positive with 5+ spades), then I rebid 3♥ and she bid 3♠ which I raised to 4♠, then after Blackwood she bid 6♠ hoping my heart suit would help take the needed tricks. They didn’t but the compensating values in diamonds and clubs and ace of spades were enough. Lucky I guess. Normal Acol: 1♥ – 1♠ – 3♥ – 3♠ is definitely forcing and then South raises to 4♠ which should persuade North to look for slam in spades.

MrQ: What if North had only 5 spades – would 3♠ rebid be still appropriate after 3♥ from South?

Guru: Yep, no guarantee but South should still raise with Ax or xxx.

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