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Plan Ahead

It is apparent that many of our Wednesday players are still not completely au fait with the weak 1NT opening or how to proceed when they are the partner of the 1NT opener. Board 11 from Wednesday 16/01/2019 Dealer S Nil Vul If you play

Board#18 09/01/2019

Fortune Favours The Bold

I just had to discuss this hand because a number of our junior players from Wednesday have been asking, and it is important that they understand the points system of evaluating the potential of any hand you hold, and why getting what I call ‘point

Board#14 09/01/2019

Avarice Preceedeth The Fall

How many of our beginners, I wonder, play weak twos in the majors, and how many of them play 2D also as a weak two. That is the norm according to the NZ Bridge lessons, is it not? But it’s not enough to have learnt

Board#13 12/12/2018

A Bit of Holiday Reading

Hi all – I hope you’re looking forward to next year’s bridge and don’t forget to keep your questions coming! Now to continue with our discussion on the 1NT opening and what happens after that. I must set the reader straight on one thing: overcalling

Board#13 12/12/2018

Q&A Time …

After my review of the deal shown below I had an email from a reader, as follows: I have a couple of questions about the bidding on Board 13 from last Wednesday. We beginners were taught the requirement to overcall at the 2 level is

Board#13 12/12/2018

Ruffing High is The Trick

So that I could get a feel of the standard of our ‘newbies’ at The Hutt I decided to have a game last night, and was extremely impressed with the enthusiasm and skill levels of some of our new players. This deal was very well