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Board#13 14/02/2019

Uneasy Lies The Head …

When partner opens 1NT and you have 11 HCP, you would normally invite game. When I held the South hand and partner opened 1NT, I really did not know what to do. After a lot of uneasy consideration, I passed! Board 13 from Thursday 14/1/19

Board#4 07/02/2019

Are YOU a Caveman?

At the risk of being called a bore and being obsessed with slams, let me once more state that bidding slams should be EASIER than games or part scores because there is less complexity in most slams. Making slams is also often easier because you

Board#23 31/01/2019

The Sniff of a Slam

The moment South opens the bidding with 1C, North should be thinking slam in clubs, surely? And if not slam, then game. But when North starts slowly by bidding 1D, East has the chance of coming in with a spade bid, which could be, and

Board#11 24/01/2019

Virtue being its own Reward

They say virtue has its own rewards. So does good bidding. Here is a prime example of that. There is a very good reason why the better bidders try and find a 4-4 or 5-3 fit when appropriate. Take a look: Board 11 from Thursday

Board#13 13/12/2018

“One Peek is Worth Two Finesses”

Hand evaluation is not something that can be based just on point count alone. Assessing your losers and a bit of visualisation is always necessary, especially on distributional hands. Witness the following deal: Board 13 from Thursday 13/12/2018 The bidding for South should not be