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Board#27 08/02/2018

Board#27 08/02/2018 (source:

As long as you know how to bid a slam, there is usually no need to bid a grand slam in a normal match-point session, especially on club nights. But nevertheless does it not feel great when you do bid and make a grand slam? I believe that this one is biddable no matter what system you employ.

There are many other ways that the grand slam can be found, e.g. playing a “Big Club” system, but the small slam should always be bid. In this particular session, fewer than half the pairs bid any slam at all, most bidding 6NT which I believe is not the best slam to bid, because 6H will normally make when 6NT doesn’t, and make seven when 6NT makes only six, but that is another matter. What happened at YOUR club?

Playing strong twos makes it easier, as does “Benjamin Acol”. With strong twos, North opens 2H and rebids 3D, with “Benjamin” North opens 2C, South makes the automatic response of 2D and North bids 2H – same as the strong 2H opening. 3C in both cases now from South, 3D from North to show the very strong two suiter and then 3H from South showing heart support. I believe Qx is great support for a strong two, and on hearing that, North should ask for aces and kings and happily bid the grand slam in hearts.

Here is a quote from “Trick 1” of my coming series, due to begin in a few weeks:

The ability to learn rules and implement them is what makes a good bridge player. There is an exception to every rule. The ability to recognise the exception and have the courage to act accordingly is what makes a BETTER PLAYER.

The “Thirteen Tricks” series will be kicking off with the first issue due mid February.

Source: Vil’s Blog

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