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Thirteen Tricks and Evil Acol Book Front Cover

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This book is a composite of two separate series that were written during the last two years. The first part, “Thirteen Tricks” introduced the reader to a number of ideas which I have used in my own bridge play, and consequently led to “Evil Acol”, which I have subtitled “A Better Way To Play Acol”. I truly believe that it is a better way, but it is still fundamentally Acol, just with a few gadgets and variations that should give the “Evil” players an edge over the opposition. Not only an edge, but also a lot of fun playing the system, judging by the comments of many of the followers of the email series.

I stress here that no system is necessarily better than another, it is how the system is played, and the skill of the players, that will govern the results.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading this book and make use of at least some of the suggestions. Having a regular partner with whom you can reach agreement on how you play will help considerably but there should be enough of interest to the lone wolves as well.

My next books and series will follow play of the “Evil Acol” system in club sessions. Much of it will look at declarer play and defence as well as bidding with “Evil Acol”, so there should be something for everyone, even those who may want to put their own spin on the system. This book is copyright but anyone is free to play any version of Acol they like, and any variations that I might have suggested. I wish the readers every success.

Vil Gravis