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Thirteen Tricks

From Vil Gravis:

Thirteen Tricks is a series specially designed for PARTNERSHIPS. However, I am sure that even the individual reader will gain a lot from following it on their own. Thirteen Tricks will open your mind to the wider aspects of the game and give you a real insight into more than just the basics of playing the game. I can guarantee that by following many of the “tricks” you will achieve better results than you would ever have thought possible. And if you can develop an understanding and cooperative partnership, I am sure you will achieve considerable success whatever level of play you choose.

Warning: Not every part of this series will be for everybody. I believe the benefits will come from being able to choose whichever recommendation I make, discuss with partner, and come up with an agreement that you can follow. I intend to continue to be SIMPLE in my approach, even with the more esoteric concepts. Too many partnerships get caught up in working on solutions to problems that may never arise, or convoluted sequences of bidding or play that will allow them to reach the perfect result when an identical deal occurs again in fifty years time! Keep it simple and work on expanding on the basics has always been my motto, Thirteen Tricks will show you how you can keep things simple yet, by following the simple doctrine, add where necessary to achieve better results than you might ever have thought possible. Any partnership that feels the need to expand and has the time can take any of the “Thirteen Tricks” suggestions as far as they wish. In some aspects I may be able to offer suggestions and I am always available for this if needed. The early parts of “Thirteen Tricks” introduce the reader to lateral thinking, but even that may become simpler when seen in the full context of the game.

How this series will operate: On registration, you will receive the first installment, and when you are ready, just let me know and I will send you the next one, from Trick 1 to Trick 13. The series should be completed in less than six months, by which time I will anticipate that all followers will be ready to improve their scores by at least 10%. It is a good idea if you coordinate the reading with a regular partner and discuss when you can but if you keep a record of each file you can always go to pertinent sections for specific discussion.

What it will cost: This offer comes with a hard copy of my book “Tips and Quips” which will make reading of “Thirteen Tricks” much easier to implement as a follow up. Not only that, hard copy reading is much easier and leisurely than following a series via email or online. At least I find that to be so. “Tips and Quips” is not aimed at any specific audience and everyone should find at least parts of it of interest and maybe even amusement. Lots of very positive feedback to date tells me so anyway.

Please feel free to read a sneak peek of the series: Thirteen Tricks: Trick 8 – Superclub opening of 1C

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