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TNT Clarified

Board#5 20/03/2018

Board#5 20/03/2018

Bidding#5 20/03/2018

Was there anything we could have done here? Like maybe East supporting spades with only 3 of them?

Guru: Yes, as East I would have raised to 2♠ even though I might expect South to have four of them for the double. Depends on opponents of course. But North bid 2♦ so South would no doubt compete to 3♦ as they did. No big deal at teams, West has no reason to push on to 3♠ at teams as it’s too risky.

MrQ: If West gets 2♠ from East, West can assume at least 9 spades between them, so why not bid 3♠ following TNT? Why is it too risky?

Guru: West had only 5 points and points also matter. TNT works with equal values and EW here could have only 17 HCP between them and I always subtract a trick for 2-3 points as well as add a trick for 2-3 over the average of 20.