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Too Fixated on Points

Board#3 20/03/2018

Board#3 20/03/2018

Bidding: West opens 1♥ – (X) – 2NT* – 3♦ – 3♥ – 4♥ – all pass (*Truscott)

MrQ: Obviously I forgot we were playing Truscott and interpreted East’s 2NT as denying 4-card major and 11-12 points. I rebid diamonds to show 5 hearts. If I did not forget that we were playing Truscott I should have gone straight to game. But was East right to bid 2NT with only 8 points? She did have 5 hearts and most likely added 1 point for each doubleton but wouldn’t 3♥ from East be more appropriate bid showing support for hearts and 6-9 points?

Guru: You are too fixated on points. As East I would probably bid FOUR hearts because of the fit. I thought you had become familiar with my version of TNT which means that a ten card heart fit equals ten tricks, and if West has only four hearts West has also at least fifteen points, so 4♥ should make. But 2NT if playing Trusctott is OK though a bit conservative. A well known American player, Marty Bergen I think, has coined the phrase “POINTS SCHMOINTS” and that is worth remembering, as is the fact that you ARE playing Truscott, would not have been good to play in 2NT!