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Top of Doubleton Lead

Board#01 27/02/2018

Board#01 27/02/2018 (source:

Bidding#01 27022018

MrQ: Seems a lot of things went wrong here. Should West double with this holding? East showed the other major rather than diamonds – again, misunderstanding how we play takeout doubles. ♠10 lead and ♠Q wining a trick (East thought South is sitting with AQ in spades).

Guru: Awful bidding. Double should have four spades. If opposition bid your suit, best action is to PASS. And lead of ♠10 is awful, why confuse partner, lead top of partner’s suit with a doubleton! Why you would ever lead anything BUT the ace in partner’s suit, is the idea not so that you can then lead to partner’s king and obtain a third round ruff? Yes, I could devise a hand where the lead of the ten from A10 work out because you can get the lead immediately to partner with the king so partner can switch to another suit, but let’s forget about that and stick to basics. You lead the ace (with a doubleton) for only one reason, to then lead to partner’s king if he has it and then a third one so you can ruff it. No wonder East was confused and let declarer make the queen, though it can’t cost to play the king whatever declarer might be thought to have, can it? Given the bidding, South should by rights have a VOID in spades if West has doubled 1♥ and North turns up with five spades.

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