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(Un)lucky Board#13

Board#13 PM Victoria Junior 2018

Board#13 PM Victoria Junior 2018

Bidding: North opens 1C – all pass

MrQ: I passed North’s 1C which ended up to be 4 light and bottom board. Should I bid something/rescue thinking that we will eventually find a fit in a non-club suit? So bid 1S and rebid 2H and then North would (hopefully) just go back to 2S? We had a fit in spades but if we didn’t, we could miss a fit in diamonds so maybe after 1C I could have just bid up the line (starting from 1D) hoping that I would pass either of these rebids by North: 1H, 1S, 2D or bid 2S over 1NT rebid (although this would be a reverse by responder so forcing to at least 2NT). Similarly 2C rebid from North would become a problem as well. Seems like 1S followed by 2H is the most reasonable.

Guru: I would always bid 1S with that hand and hope North rebids either 1NT or 2C  in which case I would then bid 2H. Goes better if you’re playing Evil “Superclub”.

Guru: Just took another look at the hands. How awful! Why the Superclub would do better is because North opens 1C which is forcing and may not have any clubs, South bids 1D and West would probably bid 2C and NS would be let off unless EW bid and make 3NT but playing normal Acol I would still bid 1S as South and when North rebids 1NT, then follow up with 2D which North would convert to 2S, still a total disaster anyway. The point I want to make is that the moment North opens the bidding, if EW stay silent then NS are doomed. That can happen to anyone so nothing to try and avoid because you can’t.

MrQ: Yes, the hands were awful and NS were doomed anyway if EW didn’t enter the auction. Just wanted to get the bidding right at least. So would you rebid 2D or 2H after North rebids 1NT?

Guru: I don’t think it would matter, anything to get out at the two level, 2H probably and if North is uncooperative and bids a stupid 2NT I would then bid 3D, please shut the hell up partner and partner would then keep bidding to 3NT as my partner did to me once, but then of course he made 3NT because I did have a slightly better hand.