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Was It a Psychic Bid?

Board#8 Karori Social 18/08/2018

Board#8 Karori Social 18/08/2018

Bidding#8 Karori Social 18/08/2018

MrQ: Could NS argue that West’s 1H was a psychic bid? Only 6 points but theoretically 6 losers (2 in each present suit if you count it the easy way). They did not end up in game because of aggressive (and deceiving?) bidding from West and … North staying deceivably silent as well 😉

Guru: The 1H opening is not quite psychic, I would probably do the same. However, if you have been reading ”Evil Acol” you will have read a chapter on the four level openings and the West hand is pretty close to a preemptive two suited opening of 4D! But when West opens 1H, North should DOUBLE because North has four spades. North obviously was playing basic stuff and thought they needed support for every other suit, that is what you learn. I only need the hands to be MAJOR oriented and they will no doubt learn that in time.

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