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Weak Stayman as Better Option

Board#12 22/03/2018

Board#12 22/03/2018

Bidding: North opens 1NT – 2♦ – all pass

Guru: I have noted Board#12 where you might have done better in the bidding, do you have any ideas yourself about what went wrong and what should have happened?

MrQ: Weak takeout to diamonds (that’s what I was taught during lessons). I guess I could have bid Stayman and pass any response with worst case scenario being 7-card fit in diamonds or spades or 8-card fit is hearts.

Guru: Yes, bad move to choose to bid 2♦ because even a 4-3 spade fit would be better and 2♥ from partner hits the jackpot, and you can pass a 2♦ response.

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