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Why Worry about Spades?

Board#20 04/09/2018

Board#20 04/09/2018

Bidding#20 04/09/2018

MrQ: South’s negative double and then 2S bid confused me. I passed expecting South to have at least 5 spades. South expected me to bid again. Was 2S by South forcing for 1 round? What should the bidding look like here?

Guru: South’s double followed by 2S shows 5+ spades and no free bid i.e. under 10 HCP, 2H from North is obvious after South’s double. South has a perfect raise to 3D why worry about the spades? If North has four spades and a good enough hand will bid spades or pass 3D or bid to 5D as North probably would given his hand. A lack of understanding by South about what takeout doubles are about. If South doubles and finds that North bids 2H then South has an easy way out but what if North bids 4H? That would commit to 5D but no way should South bid 2S because you are not in a forcing situation.

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