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Won’t Come Up for Another 10 Years

Board#19PM Xmas Cheer 2018

Board#19PM Xmas Cheer 2018

MrQ: Bidding was: 2C-2D-2H-4H-PASS. How would you bid it? Would you bid it to slam? If so, which one? With Evil bidding this would be: 1C-1D(0-5)-1H(20+)-1S(0-3)-2C(GF)-2D(utter crap: 0-1) or maybe 2S (five to jack and singleton club is worth more than utter crap) and then what? After 2S, 3S will be agreeing the suit by stronger hand in GF situation so will become RKCB ask, 3NT response – obviously 0 key cards. With my partner we play next step as asking for Q of trumps (so it would be 4C) – response 4D means: I don’t have it. So North needs to have jack of spades. What then? 6S?

Guru: Ok, here we go. Normal Acol: 2C-2D-2H-4H then 4NT etc from South ending in 6H. The moment South knows there is a heart fit even though North has shown absolutly nothing but heart support with the jump to 4H, 6H must be odds on because there are only two clear losers and one of them you can allow for in the play, but no certainty. I, as South, would always bid to 6H though would do it via 4NT then 5NT which suggests I’m looking for a grand slam and North would sign off in 6H. Note that the grand only makes because the SQ falls and the hearts break 3-2 (as they should). With the Evil Super Club you would get much more time and still bid to 6H but you would then know a bit more than with a 2C opening.

MrQ: With hearts, North can be raising to 4H with only 3 of them expecting 2H bid from South to show 5-card suit (this is why my partner did not continue after I jumped to 4H). Also, how would the bidding look like with Evil Super Club? When I tried to bid using Evil methods I ended up in spades 😉

Guru: Yes, North could possibly have only three hearts but would still have some values to bid 4H since 2NT would be a second negative the way I play it. South’s hearts are so good that bidding 2H is despite only four of them. But South has such a huge hand that he must bid 2H which is forcing to game. Nothing would stop me from bidding 6H if partner has raised to 4H, and I would bid it via 4NT and 5NT hoping partner had something extra to bid 7H. Evil Super Club bidding might be: 1C-1D-1H-1S-2C-2D-2H-2S-2NT-3H then South knows North has five spades and four hearts and after 4NT then 5NT, 6H will be the final contract. If you have an agreement about locating queens, great, but I haven’t got that far. The SQ in North’s hand is possible with most bidding sequences and if North has four hearts plus SQ then 7H must be near to 100% but why worry about that, just bid 6H surely that must have great chances the moment you know North has heart support and ANYTHING else, which is what North should have to raise to 4H immediately.

MrQ: I am still not too convinced that this sequence 1C-1D-1H-1S-2C-2D-2H-2S-2NT-3H shows 4 hearts in North’s hand. North decided to bid spades first and only then support hearts which would mean for me definitely denying 4-card heart support. Why would you bother to show spades thinking that you have 9-card heart fit?

Guru: You asked me about the Evil sequence, don’t forget the opening bid has been 1C and South’s 1H does not show hearts and it is North who is bidding his shape (South could have bid 2NT not 2H I suppose, since it is in GF situation, but 2H gives more space, then you would not be confused, but in any case, South should be happy to bid to 6H or 7H even on a 4-3 fit which would have better chances than 7NT IF the grand is to be bid. P.S. Any sequence like 1C-1D-1H-1S-2C-2D-2H should be treated as a desperate try to find out if partner has ANYTHING at all and therefore, despite South ostensibly having 5 hearts, North should bid spades with the hand in question, 2NT would be another (total) negative. I hope you see the subtleties here, such hands are impossible to bid without a bit of guesswork and common sense but I would hope that if North’s SJ was actually the SQ, we would be able to get to 7NT.

MrQ: I know that South’s 1H doesn’t show hearts but 2H does show hearts. The danger with rebidding 2NT after 2C (showing balanced 23-24 points) is that it can be passed (from what I have read 2C-2D-2NT is the only sequence in the 2C-initiated bidding that can be passed with zero points).

Guru: That is why the 2H bid could be only four cards, and 1C-1D-1H-1S-2C-2D-2H maybe should simply be treated as unconditional game force which solves your problem, it won’t come up for another 10 years.