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(Would Be) Good Sacrifice

Board#1 13/03/2018

Board#1 13/03/2018

Bidding#1 13/03/2018

Should North bid to 5♥ or South already had all the information from North showed by 2♥? South accepted 3♠ underbid to bid 4♥ to show that she is happy to bid up to 4♥. You guys bid to 5♥.

Guru: Yes, 3♠ was a terrible underbid but South should press on to 5♥ unless North doubles 4♠. The South hand is too good offensively but not great defensively despite the AK of diamonds. We bid to 5♥ and I managed to go down three but undoubled, West should have doubled 5♥, just look at her hand!