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Would You Bid Grand Slam?

Board#11 Paraparaumu Multigrade 2018

Board#11 Paraparaumu Multigrade 2018

Bidding: South opens 1C – (1S) – 2H; 3C – 3S; 3NT – 4C; 5C – 6C; all pass

MrQ: How would you bid this slam? Would you bid grand slam? Which one? North’s thinking was that after my 3NT we are in Game Force situation and 4C is actually stronger and agrees clubs as trumps, he wanted me to bid something else (maybe diamonds to show some controls) and then he would bid 4NT, I would need to figure out that it is clubs he is asking me about (which have been agreed) and after 5S (2 key cards + queen of trumps) he would bid 7C.

Guru: More difficult after a jump overcall by West but after 1S, 3H should be a normal jump shift, very good heart suit. Then 3NT from South (not very enthusiastic) and 4C from North (support for clubs!) followed by 4NT from South then 5NT. No, the 3NT bid is never anything other than an offer to play so your partner’s thinking, while commendable, is a bit flawed. I think if you manage to bid to 6H or 6C in a multigrade event that should be good enough, the grand slam will usually need the trump suit to not have a loser, is that certain in either clubs or hearts nor can you be guaranteed 13 tricks in NT.